August 2 All Events

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August 2nd, 2007 (August 02 2007)DeathChauncey Bailey, American journalist and editor (born in 1950)
August 2nd, 2007 (August 02 2007)DeathHolden Roberto, Angolan founder and leader of the FNLA (born in 1923)
August 2nd, 2007 (August 02 2007)DeathKay Dotrice, English repertory actress (born in 1929)
August 2nd, 2005 (August 02 2005)DeathSteven Vincent, American journalist and writer (born in 1955)
August 2nd, 2004 (August 02 2004)DeathDon Tosti, American musician (born in 1923)
August 2nd, 2004 (August 02 2004)DeathFrancois Craenhals, Belgian comics artist (born in 1926)
August 2nd, 2003 (August 02 2003)DeathDon Estelle, British actor (born in 1933)
August 2nd, 2003 (August 02 2003)DeathMike Levey, American television personality (born in 1948)
August 2nd, 2003 (August 02 2003)DeathPeter Safar, Austrian physician (born in 1924)
August 2nd, 2001 (August 02 2001)DeathRon Townson, American singer (The Fifth Dimension) (born in 1933)
August 2nd, 1998 (August 02 1998)DeathShari Lewis, American puppeteer (born in 1933)
August 2nd, 1997 (August 02 1997)DeathWilliam S. Burroughs, American writer (born in 1914)William S. Burroughs Quotes
August 2nd, 1996 (August 02 1996)DeathMichel Debre, French politician (born in 1912)
August 2nd, 1996 (August 02 1996)DeathMohamed Farrah Aidid, Somalian Warlord (born in 1934)
August 2nd, 1992 (August 02 1992)BirthHallie Kate Eisenberg, American actress
August 2nd, 1992 (August 02 1992)DeathMichel Berger, French singer and songwriter (born in 1947)
August 2nd, 1990 (August 02 1990)EventIraq invades Kuwait, eventually leading to conflict with coalition forces in the Gulf War.
August 2nd, 1990 (August 02 1990)DeathNorman Mclean, American writer (born in 1902)
August 2nd, 1990 (August 02 1990)DeathEdwin Richfield, British actor (born in 1921)
August 2nd, 1988 (August 02 1988)BirthBrittany Hargest, American singer (Jump5)
August 2nd, 1988 (August 02 1988)DeathRaymond Carver, American writer (born in 1938)
August 2nd, 1988 (August 02 1988)DeathJoe Carcione, American consumer advocate (born in 1914)
August 2nd, 1986 (August 02 1986)BirthMathieu Razanakolona, Malagasy skier
August 2nd, 1986 (August 02 1986)DeathRoy Cohn, American politician (born in 1927)
August 2nd, 1985 (August 02 1985)EventDelta Air Lines Flight 191, a Lockheed L-1011 TriStar crashes at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport killing 137.
August 2nd, 1985 (August 02 1985)BirthHarry Smith, Canadian professional wrestler
August 2nd, 1984 (August 02 1984)BirthChiara Mastalli, Italian actress
August 2nd, 1984 (August 02 1984)BirthGiampaolo Pazzini, Italian footballer
August 2nd, 1983 (August 02 1983)BirthNick Diaz, American MMA fighter
August 2nd, 1982 (August 02 1982)BirthHelder Postiga, Portuguese footballer
August 2nd, 1982 (August 02 1982)BirthGrady Sizemore, American baseball player
August 2nd, 1980 (August 02 1980)EventA bomb explodes at the railway station in Bologna, Italy, killing 85 people and wounding more than 200.
August 2nd, 1980 (August 02 1980)BirthIvica Banovic, Croatian footballer
August 2nd, 1980 (August 02 1980)BirthNadia Bjorlin, American actress
August 2nd, 1979 (August 02 1979)BirthReuben Kosgei, Kenyan athlete
August 2nd, 1979 (August 02 1979)DeathThurman Munson, American baseball player (born in 1947)
August 2nd, 1978 (August 02 1978)BirthGoran Gavrancic, Serbian footballer
August 2nd, 1978 (August 02 1978)BirthMatt Guerrier, American baseball player
August 2nd, 1978 (August 02 1978)DeathCarlos Chavez, Mexican composer (born in 1899)
August 2nd, 1977 (August 02 1977)BirthEdward Furlong, American actor
August 2nd, 1976 (August 02 1976)BirthReyes Estevez, Spanish athlete
August 2nd, 1976 (August 02 1976)BirthSam Worthington, Australian actor
August 2nd, 1976 (August 02 1976)DeathFritz Lang, Austrian film director (born in 1890)
August 2nd, 1975 (August 02 1975)BirthMineiro, Brazilian footballer
August 2nd, 1975 (August 02 1975)BirthXu Huaiwen, Chinese-born badminton player
August 2nd, 1975 (August 02 1975)BirthIngrid Rubio, Spanish actress
August 2nd, 1974 (August 02 1974)BirthAngie Cepeda, Colombian actress
August 2nd, 1974 (August 02 1974)DeathW. Douglas Hawkes, British racing driver (born in 1893)
August 2nd, 1973 (August 02 1973)EventA flash fire kills 51 at the Summerland amusement centre at Douglas, Isle of Man.
August 2nd, 1973 (August 02 1973)BirthHiroyuki Goto, Japanese game designer
August 2nd, 1973 (August 02 1973)DeathJean-Pierre Melville, French film director (born in 1917)
August 2nd, 1972 (August 02 1972)BirthMohamed Al-Deayea, Saudi Arabian footballer
August 2nd, 1972 (August 02 1972)BirthJacinda Barrett, Australian model and actress
August 2nd, 1972 (August 02 1972)BirthDaniele Nardello, Italian professional road racing cyclist
August 2nd, 1972 (August 02 1972)BirthJimmy Pop, American musician (The Bloodhound Gang)
August 2nd, 1972 (August 02 1972)BirthJustyna Steczkowska, Polish singer
August 2nd, 1972 (August 02 1972)DeathHelen Hoyt, American poet (born in 1887)
August 2nd, 1972 (August 02 1972)DeathBrian Cole, American bass player (The Association) (born in 1942)
August 2nd, 1971 (August 02 1971)BirthMichael Hughes, Irish footballer
August 2nd, 1970 (August 02 1970)BirthTony Amonte, American ice hockey player
August 2nd, 1970 (August 02 1970)BirthKevin Smith, American director and screenwriterKevin Smith Quotes
August 2nd, 1969 (August 02 1969)BirthFernando Couto, Portuguese footballer
August 2nd, 1969 (August 02 1969)BirthJan Axel Blomberg (Hellhammer), drummer for the bands Dimmu Borgir, Winds, Mayhem, and many others
August 2nd, 1969 (August 02 1969)BirthRichard Hallebeek, Dutch guitarist
August 2nd, 1968 (August 02 1968)EventThe 1968 Casiguran Earthquake hits Casiguran, Aurora, Philippines killing more than 270 people and wounding 261.
August 2nd, 1968 (August 02 1968)BirthStefan Effenberg, German footballer
August 2nd, 1967 (August 02 1967)EventThe second Blackwall Tunnel opens in Greenwich, London.
August 2nd, 1967 (August 02 1967)BirthAaron Krickstein, American tennis player
August 2nd, 1967 (August 02 1967)BirthAline Brosh McKenna, American screenwriter
August 2nd, 1966 (August 02 1966)BirthTim Wakefield, American baseball player
August 2nd, 1965 (August 02 1965)EventFrench Riviera fires: At least 7,000 people, mostly holidaymakers, evacuate to a local beach as fires swept the hills between the Provence resorts of Hyeres and St Tropez.
August 2nd, 1965 (August 02 1965)BirthHisanobu Watanabe, Japanese baseball player and coach
August 2nd, 1964 (August 02 1964)EventVietnam War: Gulf of Tonkin IncidentNorth Vietnamese gunboats allegedly fires on U.S. destroyers, USS Maddox and the USS Turner Joy.
August 2nd, 1964 (August 02 1964)BirthFrank Biela, German race car driver
August 2nd, 1964 (August 02 1964)BirthMary-Louise Parker, American actress
August 2nd, 1961 (August 02 1961)BirthLinda Fratianne, American figure skater
August 2nd, 1961 (August 02 1961)BirthCold 187um, American rapper (Above the Law)
August 2nd, 1960 (August 02 1960)BirthNeal Morse, American musician (Spock s Beard and Transatlantic)
August 2nd, 1960 (August 02 1960)BirthDavid Yow, American musician (Scratch Acid, The Jesus Lizard)
August 2nd, 1959 (August 02 1959)BirthVictoria Jackson, American comedian
August 2nd, 1959 (August 02 1959)BirthApollonia Kotero, American singer and actress
August 2nd, 1957 (August 02 1957)BirthMojo Nixon, American musician and actor
August 2nd, 1956 (August 02 1956)BirthFulvio Melia, Italian-American physicist/astrophysicist and author
August 2nd, 1956 (August 02 1956)BirthJim Neidhart, American professional wrestler
August 2nd, 1956 (August 02 1956)BirthIsabel Pantoja, Spanish singer
August 2nd, 1955 (August 02 1955)BirthCaleb Carr, American novelist and military historian
August 2nd, 1955 (August 02 1955)BirthTim Dunigan, American Actor
August 2nd, 1955 (August 02 1955)DeathAlfred Lepine, Canadian ice hockey player (born in 1901)Alfred Ayer Quotes
August 2nd, 1954 (August 02 1954)BirthJames Charles Kopp, American citizen who murdered Barnett Slepian
August 2nd, 1954 (August 02 1954)BirthSammy McIlroy, Northern Irish footballer and manager
August 2nd, 1953 (August 02 1953)BirthMarjo, Quebec singer
August 2nd, 1953 (August 02 1953)BirthButch Patrick, American actor
August 2nd, 1951 (August 02 1951)BirthAndrew Gold, American musician and songwriter
August 2nd, 1951 (August 02 1951)BirthJoe Lynn Turner, American singer (Deep Purple and Rainbow
August 2nd, 1951 (August 02 1951)BirthFreddie Wadling, Swedish actor and musician (The Leather Nun, Fleshquartet)
August 2nd, 1951 (August 02 1951)BirthPer Westerberg, Swedish politician
August 2nd, 1950 (August 02 1950)BirthLance Ito, American judge
August 2nd, 1950 (August 02 1950)BirthSue Rodriguez, Canadian assisted suicide advocate (died in 1994)
August 2nd, 1949 (August 02 1949)BirthJames Fallows, American journalistJames Fallows Quotes
August 2nd, 1948 (August 02 1948)BirthAndy Fairweather Low, British guitarist
August 2nd, 1948 (August 02 1948)BirthDennis Prager, American radio talk show host and author
August 2nd, 1947 (August 02 1947)BirthMassiel, Spanish singer
August 2nd, 1945 (August 02 1945)EventWorld War II: Potsdam Conference, in which the Allied Powers discuss the future of defeated Germany, concludes.
August 2nd, 1945 (August 02 1945)BirthJoanna Cassidy, American actress
August 2nd, 1945 (August 02 1945)BirthAlex Jesaulenko, Australian rules footballer
August 2nd, 1945 (August 02 1945)DeathPietro Mascagni, Italian composer (born in 1863)
August 2nd, 1944 (August 02 1944)BirthJim Capaldi, British musician and songwriter (Traffic) (died in 2005)
August 2nd, 1944 (August 02 1944)BirthNana Vasconcelos, Brazilian jazz musician
August 2nd, 1943 (August 02 1943)EventRebellion in the Nazi death camp of Treblinka.
August 2nd, 1943 (August 02 1943)EventWorld War II: PT-109 rammed by the Japanese destroyer Amagiri and sinks. Lt. John F. Kennedy, future US President, saves all but two of his crew.John F. Kennedy Quotes
August 2nd, 1943 (August 02 1943)BirthTom Burgmeier, American baseball player
August 2nd, 1943 (August 02 1943)BirthMax Wright, American actor
August 2nd, 1942 (August 02 1942)BirthIsabel Allende, Chilean author
August 2nd, 1941 (August 02 1941)BirthDoris Coley, American singer (Shirelles) (died in 2000)
August 2nd, 1939 (August 02 1939)EventAlbert Einstein and Leo Szilard write a letter to Franklin D. Roosevelt urging him to begin the Manhattan project to develop a nuclear weapon.Leo Szilard Quotes
August 2nd, 1939 (August 02 1939)BirthWes Craven, American film director
August 2nd, 1939 (August 02 1939)BirthJohn W. Snow, American 73rd United States Secretary of the Treasury
August 2nd, 1939 (August 02 1939)DeathHarvey Spencer Lewis, American Rosicrucian mystic (born in 1883)
August 2nd, 1938 (August 02 1938)BirthPierre de Bane, French Canadian politician
August 2nd, 1938 (August 02 1938)BirthTerry Peck, Falkland Islander (died in 2006) who acted as a scout for 3rd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment in the Falklands War
August 2nd, 1937 (August 02 1937)EventThe Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 is passed in America, essentially rendering marijuana and all its by-products illegal.
August 2nd, 1937 (August 02 1937)BirthBilly Cannon, American football player
August 2nd, 1937 (August 02 1937)BirthGarth Hudson, Canadian musician (The Band)
August 2nd, 1936 (August 02 1936)DeathLouis Bleriot, French aviation pioneer (born in 1872)
August 2nd, 1935 (August 02 1935)BirthHank Cochran, American country music singer and songwriter
August 2nd, 1934 (August 02 1934)EventGleichschaltung: Adolf Hitler becomes Fuhrer of Germany.Adolf Hitler Quotes
August 2nd, 1934 (August 02 1934)BirthValery Bykovsky, Soviet cosmonaut
August 2nd, 1934 (August 02 1934)DeathPaul von Hindenburg, German field marshal and President of Germany (born in 1847)
August 2nd, 1932 (August 02 1932)EventThe positron (antiparticle of the electron) is discovered by Carl D. Anderson.
August 2nd, 1932 (August 02 1932)BirthLamar Hunt, American sports executive (died in 2006)
August 2nd, 1932 (August 02 1932)BirthPeter O Toole, Irish-born actor
August 2nd, 1931 (August 02 1931)EventEinstein urges all scientists to refuse military work.
August 2nd, 1931 (August 02 1931)BirthPierre DuMaine, Catholic bishop
August 2nd, 1931 (August 02 1931)BirthViliam Schrojf, Slovak footballer (died in 2007)
August 2nd, 1930 (August 02 1930)BirthVali Myers (artist), Australian painter (died in 2003)
August 2nd, 1929 (August 02 1929)DeathMae Costello, American actress (born in 1882)
August 2nd, 1926 (August 02 1926)BirthBetsy Bloomingdale, American socialite and namesake of the Bloomingdale department store chain
August 2nd, 1925 (August 02 1925)BirthJohn Dexter, English stage and film director
August 2nd, 1925 (August 02 1925)BirthJorge Rafael Videla, Argentinian dictator
August 2nd, 1925 (August 02 1925)BirthAlan Whicker, British journalist and broadcaster
August 2nd, 1924 (August 02 1924)BirthJames Baldwin, American author (died in 1987)James Baldwin Quotes
August 2nd, 1924 (August 02 1924)BirthCarroll O Connor, American actor (died in 2001)
August 2nd, 1923 (August 02 1923)BirthShimon Peres, Israeli politician.Shimon Peres Quotes
August 2nd, 1923 (August 02 1923)DeathWarren G. Harding, 29th President of the United States (born in 1865)Warren G. Harding Quotes
August 2nd, 1922 (August 02 1922)DeathAlexander Graham Bell, Scottish-born inventor, invented the telephone(born in 1847)Alexander Graham Bell Quotes
August 2nd, 1921 (August 02 1921)DeathEnrico Caruso, Italian tenor (born in 1873)
August 2nd, 1920 (August 02 1920)BirthLouis Pauwels, French journalist and writer (died in 1997)
August 2nd, 1920 (August 02 1920)DeathOrmer Locklear, American stunt pilot (born in 1891)
August 2nd, 1918 (August 02 1918)EventJapan announces that it is deploying troops to Siberia in the aftermath of World War I.
August 2nd, 1916 (August 02 1916)EventWorld War I: Austrian sabotage causes the sinking of the Italian battleship Leonardo da Vinci in Taranto.
August 2nd, 1915 (August 02 1915)BirthGary Merrill, American actor (died in 1990)
August 2nd, 1914 (August 02 1914)BirthFelix Leclerc, Quebec singer, songwriter and writer (died in 1988)
August 2nd, 1914 (August 02 1914)BirthBeatrice Straight, American actress (died in 2001)
August 2nd, 1912 (August 02 1912)BirthAnn Dvorak, American actress (died in 1979)
August 2nd, 1912 (August 02 1912)BirthVladimir Zerjavic, Croatian statistician (died in 2001)
August 2nd, 1910 (August 02 1910)BirthRoger MacDougall, writer (died in 1993)
August 2nd, 1907 (August 02 1907)BirthMary Hamman, American writer (died in 1984)
August 2nd, 1905 (August 02 1905)BirthKarl Amadeus Hartmann, German composer (died in 1963)
August 2nd, 1905 (August 02 1905)BirthMyrna Loy, American actress (died in 1993)
August 2nd, 1903 (August 02 1903)EventFall of the Ottoman Empire: Unsuccessful uprising of Macedonians led by the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization against Ottoman Turkey, also known as the Ilinden-Preobrazhenie Uprising.
August 2nd, 1903 (August 02 1903)DeathEdmond Nocard, French veterinarian (born in 1850)
August 2nd, 1902 (August 02 1902)BirthHelen Morgan, American actress (died in 1941)
August 2nd, 1899 (August 02 1899)BirthCharles Bennett, British screenwriter (died in 1995)
August 2nd, 1897 (August 02 1897)BirthKarl Otto Koch, German SS-officer (died in 1945)
August 2nd, 1897 (August 02 1897)BirthMax Weber, Swiss Federal Councilor (died in 1974)
August 2nd, 1896 (August 02 1896)BirthLorenzo Herrera, Venezuelan singer and composer (died in 1960)
August 2nd, 1892 (August 02 1892)BirthJack Warner, Canadian film producer (died in 1978)
August 2nd, 1891 (August 02 1891)BirthViktor Maksimovich Zhirmunsky, Russian literary historian, linguist (died in 1971)
August 2nd, 1890 (August 02 1890)BirthMarin Sais, American actress (died in 1971)
August 2nd, 1890 (August 02 1890)DeathLouise-Victorine Ackermann, French poet (born in 1813)
August 2nd, 1889 (August 02 1889)DeathEduardo Gutierrez, Argentinian author (born in 1851)
August 2nd, 1886 (August 02 1886)BirthJohn Alexander Douglas McCurdy Canadian Aviator ( died in 1961)
August 2nd, 1884 (August 02 1884)BirthRomulo Gallegos, President of Venezuela (died in 1969)
August 2nd, 1882 (August 02 1882)BirthRed Ames, baseball player (died in 1936)
August 2nd, 1878 (August 02 1878)BirthAino Kallas, FinnishEstonian author (died in 1956)
August 2nd, 1876 (August 02 1876)DeathJames Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok, American gunfighter (born in 1837)
August 2nd, 1875 (August 02 1875)BirthMstislav Dobuzhinsky, Russian artist (died in 1957)
August 2nd, 1871 (August 02 1871)BirthJohn French Sloan, American artist (died in 1951)
August 2nd, 1870 (August 02 1870)EventTower Subway, the world s first underground tube railway, opens in London.
August 2nd, 1869 (August 02 1869)EventJapan s samurai, farmer, artisan, merchant class system (Shinokosho) is abolished as part of the Meiji Restoration reforms. (Traditional Japanese date: June 25, 1869). Osho Quotes
August 2nd, 1868 (August 02 1868)BirthKing Constantine I of Greece (died in 1923)
August 2nd, 1865 (August 02 1865)BirthIrving Babbitt, American literary critic (died in 1933)
August 2nd, 1865 (August 02 1865)BirthJohn Radecki, Australian stained glass artist (died in 1955)
August 2nd, 1859 (August 02 1859)DeathHorace Mann, American educator and abolitionist (born in 1796)Horace Mann Quotes
August 2nd, 1858 (August 02 1858)BirthEmma of Waldeck and Pyrmont, queen of the Netherlands (died in 1934)
August 2nd, 1849 (August 02 1849)DeathGovernor Muhammad Ali of Egypt (born in 1769)Muhammad Ali Quotes
August 2nd, 1835 (August 02 1835)BirthElisha Gray, American inventor and entrepreneur (died in 1901)
August 2nd, 1834 (August 02 1834)BirthFrederic Bartholdi, French sculptor (died in 1904)
August 2nd, 1828 (August 02 1828)BirthManuel Pavia y Rodriguez de Alburquerque, Spanish general (died in 1895)
August 2nd, 1823 (August 02 1823)DeathLazare Carnot, French general, politician, and mathematician (born in 1753)
August 2nd, 1815 (August 02 1815)BirthAdolf Friedrich von Schack, German writer (died in 1894)
August 2nd, 1815 (August 02 1815)DeathGuillaume Marie Anne Brune, French marshal (born in 1763)
August 2nd, 1798 (August 02 1798)EventFrench Revolutionary Wars: Battle of the Nile (Battle of Aboukir Bay) concludes in a British victory
August 2nd, 1790 (August 02 1790)EventThe first US Census is conducted.
August 2nd, 1788 (August 02 1788)BirthLeopold Gmelin, German chemist (died in 1853)
August 2nd, 1788 (August 02 1788)DeathThomas Gainsborough, English artist (born in 1727)
August 2nd, 1776 (August 02 1776)EventDelegates to the Continental Congress begin signing the United States Declaration of Independence.
August 2nd, 1776 (August 02 1776)DeathLouis Francois I, Prince of Conti, French military leader (born in 1717)
August 2nd, 1769 (August 02 1769)DeathDaniel Finch, 8th Earl of Winchilsea, English politician (born in 1689)
August 2nd, 1703 (August 02 1703)BirthLorenzo Ricci, Italian Jesuit leader (died in 1775)
August 2nd, 1696 (August 02 1696)BirthMahmud I, Ottoman Sultan (died in 1754)
August 2nd, 1696 (August 02 1696)DeathRobert Campbell of Glenlyon, Scottish military commander (born in 1630)
August 2nd, 1674 (August 02 1674)BirthPhilip II, Duke of Orleans, Regent of France (died in 1723)
August 2nd, 1672 (August 02 1672)BirthJohann Jakob Scheuchzer, Swiss scholar (died in 1733)
August 2nd, 1611 (August 02 1611)DeathKato Kiyomasa, Japanese warlord and samurai (born in 1562)
August 2nd, 1610 (August 02 1610)EventHenry Hudson sails into what it is now known as Hudson Bay, thinking he had made it through the Northwest Passage and reached the Pacific Ocean.
August 2nd, 1589 (August 02 1589)DeathKing Henry III of France (born in 1551)
August 2nd, 1533 (August 02 1533)BirthTheodor Zwinger, Swiss scholar (died in 1588)
August 2nd, 1511 (August 02 1511)DeathAndrew Barton, Scottish naval leader
August 2nd, 1222 (August 02 1222)DeathCount Raymond VI of Toulouse (born in 1156)
August 2nd, 1100 (August 02 1100)DeathKing William II of EnglandWilliam King Quotes
August 2nd, 0924 (August 02 0924)Death?lfweard of Wessex
August 2nd, 0686 (August 02 0686)DeathPope John V
August 2nd, 0338 (August 02 0338)EventA Macedonian army led by Philip II defeated the combined forces of Athens and Thebes in the Battle of Chaeronea, securing Macedonian hegemony in Greece and the Aegean.
August 2nd, 0216 (August 02 0216)EventSecond Punic War: Battle of CannaeThe Carthaginian army lead by Hannibal defeats a numerically superior Roman army under command of consuls Lucius Aemilius Paullus and Gaius Terentius Varro.

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